Who Believes In You?

“Someone must have really believed in you.” I was at a family reunion this summer when one of my relatives said this to me. We were talking about writing and how ten months ago I quit my stable corporate career to become a full-time writer. A fellow creative, my...
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Do What Scares You

Above is the Chinese word for crisis. The first character, 危 or wei, means “dangerous.” The second, 機 or ji, means “opportunity.” Put those two words together and you have crisis. I learned this word while I was living in Beijing last year. It was risky moving to...
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I’m Back and with Big News!

Why have I been MIA for the past three years and what have I been up to? Oh you know, I just changed jobs EIGHT times (reorgs, not my fault!), moved six times, traveled to nine countries, picked up jujitsu, moved to China for nine months, and got married (during COVID...
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How to Make Your Book’s Beginning Stand Out

What do Harry Potter, Princes Bride, Game of Thrones, and Leap Year all have in common? No, only two of them have cult like followings… The correct answer is they were all filmed in Ireland! Never been there? Its dizzying 300 foot cliffs, ancient fortresses, battle...
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What Scandinavia Can Teach You about Writing

What do Sweden, Norway and Denmark have in common? If you guessed they’re all absurdly beautiful, expensive and cold… you are correct! Maybe it’s just because I live in Texas and therefore have zero tolerance for cold but when the Scandinavians say, “It’s a lovely...
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