Why have I been MIA for the past three years and what have I been up to?

Oh you know, I just changed jobs EIGHT times (reorgs, not my fault!), moved six times, traveled to nine countries, picked up jujitsu, moved to China for nine months, and got married (during COVID I might add-which is a post for a whole other time)!

All minor changes. 😉

In the book world, I also have some exciting news. I started a totally new series and genre. I never thought I’d write this but well, it just kind of came out! My new genre is….


Sci-fi set in the futuristic equivalent of Beijing I might add. Why the shift?

Sci-fiWell, since I grew up in China, I’ve always wanted to write a story set in Asia. So when I moved to Beijing a year and a half ago, I knew the timing was right. There was inspiration lurking at every street corner and tea shop. I knew I would be in China for only about a year and wanted to use that time to write the story.

So I did!

Here’s the synopsis to my latest novel, titled ENHANCED:

Urban Lee is born in The United Provinces of Asia in 2121. She’s heading to uni soon where she’ll be surrounded by her genetically enhanced peers. The problem is, Urban isn’t enhanced—she’s adopted. All she wants is to fit in with her peers, to be known and accepted for who she truly is—despite being a “natural”. But to be found out as a natural is dangerous. Hoping to find answers about her past and to blend in with society, Urban enrolls at Peking University. What she finds instead is a killer workload, more troubling discoveries about her origins, and a mysterious hacker bent on exposing her.

I’m currently working fast and furiously to get it cleaned up enough to submit to Pitch Wars. If I’m MIA for the rest of the summer, now you know why.

Candace signing off to hopefully get some sleep after a long week of starting yet another new job.

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