Hi, I’m Candace and I write about adventures

I grew up in China and currently live in Austin, Texas. When I’m not speaking Mandarin and missing Chinese food, I’m busy writing, exploring new countries, hiking in national parks, volunteering with various organizations, and training in martial arts. For my day job, I have a pretty sweet consulting gig at Dell.

Still curious?

I’m what you call a TCK, or a third culture kid. When I was four, my family moved from Ohio to Changsha, China. I spent my first three years living in rural China on a compound in an orange tree grove and with a view of rice patties. I spent my free time catching wild animals, wrestling boys, and trying to convince my parents I would never need to know how to read.

My plot to evade reading foiled, I begrudgingly learned and found, to my horror, I loved it. Right around that time, my family moved to the metropolis of Chengdu where I lived until I was eighteen. My favorite thing became curling up with a blanket, sneaking some imported cheese, and reading a good book.

I was always writing too. It started out as journal entries, short stories, or detective novels I never finished. Then one day, as I was reading Christopher Paolini’s book Eragon, I realized you didn’t have to be a grown up to write a book. So I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been addicted to writing ever since. Yes, mom and dad, you did tell me so.

While I’m a complete book nerd, I still love sports and the outdoors. In grad. school, when I came across a portion of my novel that required fight scenes, I decided to take a less traditional approach to research. I enrolled in Krav Maga. While those scenes were long ago written, I spent six years training. I received my instructors certification in 2016 before moving on to dabble in Jiu-jitsu.

After completing grad. school, I began juggling a career, travels, krav, outdoor adventures, and of course, finishing up my novel. Now, I’m on the final leg of the journey to getting my debut novel published! To read more about my novels check out the book page here.

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