YA Sci-Fi Novel: ENHANCED Blurb

Urban Lee is born in The United Provinces of Asia in 2121. She’s heading to university soon where she’ll be surrounded by her genetically enhanced peers. The problem is, Urban isn’t enhanced—she’s adopted. Hoping to find answers about her past and blend in with society, Urban enrolls at Peking University. What she finds instead is a killer workload, troubling discoveries about her origins, and a mysterious hacker bent on exposing her.

YA Fantasy Novel: FORBIDDEN Blurb

In a world where life and death are intertwined physically with bands worn around the neck, being different is deadly. Shay, the only person with a deformity on his band, quickly learns this when the king’s men show up at his doorstep. Forced to flee for his life with his sister Capria, the siblings embark on a journey to find answers. What they discover entangles them in a plot to tear apart the very fabric of society and destroy the bands they wear.

YA Contemporary Novel: WHITE WASHED Blurb

After three years of living in the same city, I think my family has finally done it. Not only have we set a new record for the longest time we’ve ever lived in one place, but we might actually be putting down roots. For the first time ever, I bother memorizing the address of our apartment in Shanghai. Then dad’s visa hits a snag and suddenly, we’re moving again, only this time to a completely foreign place–aka my passport country, America. It’s only for a short time, dad assures me. But if there’s one thing I know from being a TCK, it’s that traveling often rarely goes according to plan.

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